Relaying Taiwan experience to the outstanding people in Myanmar

Market Demand

In 2013, our company came first market survey at Myanmar. After visiting around local construction of designated building materials and furniture stores, turns out 80% of products from mainland China, 20% from Southeast Asia (Thailand or Malaysia). They all reach the same goal by using the name of Italy as their marketing strategy.

European Brand
Made in China
European Design
Made in Thailand
European Style
Made in Malaysia
Efficient Solution

Under the circumstance of lacking of high-class furniture suppliers, we can only depend on import. Moreover, most of the premium skyscrapers and constructions are established by Chinese developers. Therefore, the materials of products would totally be made in China initially. Generally, although the quantities of them are not large, there are still some of the problems:


1. Every decision starts with professional knowledge and comprehensive information (Quality+30%, Time-20%) 2. Directly interact with supplier, shorten the process communication (Time-25%)


1. Professional and efficiency production line (Time-50%) 2. Logistic management (Time-20%) 3. Without agency fee (Money-10%) 4. Without regional distribution profit (Money-30%) 5. All furniture apply kit assemble system (Time-50%)

Systematic Design

The accumulated experience of more than 25 years is not enough to lead Myanmar market. The soft power of the hard-core is the confidence of how EUROCASA firmly established at Myanmar.

Efficiency on-site installation

Logical combination of construction methods can save time costs of more than 1/3.

Advantage of using local labor

It takes only ten working days for training a local labor become independent assemblers.

Professional Team

5 Professional manager from Taiwan lead each department. It's easier to combine the experience, technology and strength.


Several projects from Taiwan and Myanmar, and made numerous commercial contracts with some famous constructions such as GOLDEN CITY, TIME CITY, KANTHARYAR CENTER......etc